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The Zkittlez Cake strain is an obvious marriage of one outrageously flavorful and fruity strain and the milky sweet dough of another. By crossing the Zkittlez with Wedding Cake you end up with this saccharine treat. A predominantly indica strain, the effects of this cultivar may create an equally enlivening high as well as a pleasant relaxer. Wedding Cake and Zkittlez both bring their own powerful terpenes to create a complex aromatic profile. This strain has a smell that will keep your nostrils yearning for more.

Even one glance at the Zkittlez Cake strain and you know that it means business. With its buds sparkling with rich, almost wet looking yellow trichomes, you’ll see rich green and orange hues. Some tiny glints of dark green and purple hint at its Zkittlez lineage. The nugs will be dense and sticky, but almost pull apart like glue from the resin binding the buds. On the nose, you’ll pick up sugary-sweet notes with a tinge of diesel. Breaking a nug apart, you’ll pick up more of the vanilla doughiness that reminds you of Wedding Cake.

One can make an inference about what terps are coming out the strongest with the Zkittlez Cake strain. Judging from its parents, my best guess is that there might be a significant presence of beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. This would potentially explain its diverse terpene profile that exhibits incredible sweetness while still delivering a zesty gassy kick.

Zkittlez Cake by Jungle Boys

Beta-caryophyllene is arguably what ties this strain down as an indica. This causes it to give off peppery musky aromas and potentially lend to the relaxing and pain-relieving qualities. Next, the limonene would explain the insane sweetness that proliferates its aromatics, as well as the potentially uplifting effects. Myrcene might swirl together with the limonene to enrich the floral sweetness of the strain. It may also further push its calming and euphoric effects.

Smoking on some of the Zkittlez Cake strain, you may be happy to find that the flavor translates pretty seamlessly over from the aroma. Smoking on some will leave sweet zesty notes on your tongue as the spicy gas resolves. After a few puffs you might immediately feel more of a serene focus, alertness, and overall happiness as full-body relaxation may consume you.


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