ZERO: Butterscotch e Liquid Made with Hemp Oil



ZERO: Butterscotch e Liquid Made with Hemp Oil

Butterscotch e Liquid still contain trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that’s responsible for marijuana’s infamous high.

Enter ZERO CBD Oil. This CBD brand is breaking new ground by producing a range of e-liquids with absolutely zero THC (hence the name).

They use a pure CBD isolate, which eliminates the possibility that any THC remains in the finished product—not even a single, solitary molecule. ZERO leads the way in THC-free vape oils, and you’re bound to find something to tickle your taste buds.

Why Choose ZERO CBD e-Liquids?

vanilla cbd vape juice is an exciting, and natural e-juice brand offering a lip-smacking flavor experience with no nicotine or THC. Their products contain all-natural CBD derived from organic hemp oil.

However, what really helps them stand apart is their range of flavors. Choose from Butterscotch e-Liquid or Vanilla e-Liquid for a creamy, lighter taste mixed with the soothing effects of CBD.

For a darker, more mature flavor, go with the Coffee e-Liquid or the Chocolate e-Liquid. If you’re looking for a warm, sweet flavor with a pleasant, spicy aftertaste, look no further than the popular Cinnamon e-Liquid.

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