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About Space Cake

Space Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. First grown in the US, Space Cake is a hybrid strain that was developed by Bodhi Seeds. This cannabis organization is well-known throughout the cannabis community for having an extremely passionate dedication to growing the best hybrids under organic conditions. Space Cake is no exception to this reputation. This blissful hybrid is a cross came as a result of the brilliant minds at Bodhi Seeds crossing the ever-popular. With an average THC concentration of 20%, this strain makes for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon or evening smoke.

space cake

These lovely grape-shaped buds are often forest green in color with deep purple undertones. The aroma produced by these buds is quite complex, and often requires a keen nose to pick apart its intricacies. It’s often described as having a base consisting of earthy herbs and spices with pungent and dank overtones accented with smells of nuts, sweet berries, and sour fuel. The flavor is a lot more simple, often consisting of spicy nuts mixed with sweet fruit and pungent herbs.

space cake strain

The Space Cake high is quite nostalgic in nature, as it makes for a lovely smoke to share amongst friends. It’ll have you dreaming of better days when you could be more laid back with your buddies, sharing a few joints and not having a care in the world. The high begins with a lifting sensation that’ll leave you on cloud nine and send your mood to brand new heights. This sensation spreads and evolves, teetering between deep relaxation and euphoric energy for quite some time.

Before long, however, your mind will calm and settle into a state of near-sedation that can only be described as stoned. In this new state you’ll feel a bit hazy and unfocused, but too relaxed to even care about it at. Thankfully, Space Cake’s long lasting effects won’t have you feeling groggy when you finally sober up, making it an excellent choice for a midday smoke.


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