Pink Beaker Bong



Nothing beats the classics like a high-quality thick beaker bongs! At KING’s Pipe, we know the importance of keeping the OG designs available for you at totally mind-blowing prices! Take a gander at our copious array of scientific bongs that come in a multitude of sizes.

Available in fixed downstem and removable, replaceable versions, our beloved glass beaker water pipes will never go out of style! You’ll always find a perfect, affordable beaker bong that’s within your budget to ensure you have the best smoking sessions possible.

Beauty and Beaker Bongs in a Single Header Beaker

This beaker from Green Bear is gorgeous and has a detailed crosshatch pattern on the body of the glass along with a deep chromatic finish on the glass. The luster and shine on this bong are extreme and are well-matched with the density of the glass.

The classic beaker shape is great for big milky bong rips. The downstem has a showerhead style diffuser and the bowl is a 14mm funnel bowl. If you are looking for a scientific beaker style bong with a heady look then this water pipe is a great choice.



  • Height: 12in
  • Base width: 5in
  • Thick glass beaker
  • 6mm borosilicate
  • 14mm female ground joint
  • 14mm male bowl included
  • Checker blasted pattern
  • Chrome mandala design


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