MOTA – Black THC Chocolate Cherry Cube (900mg)


900MG THC per Package

Mota Black Chocolate Cherry Cube 900mg THC

With 900mg THC per cube, the Mota Black Chocolate Cherry Cube is one of the most powerful edibles on the market. If you are new to edibles this in not the product for you. It is meant for people that have a high tolerance.  Marijuana patients that need a strong cannabis product to help with their issues and with no edible on the market like the it.

This high powered THC chocolate bar is only intended for high-dose patients. Those who are looking for a discreet and convenient edible option. Your will almost forget that this chocolate bar has any THC in it. With 900mg THC per cube this cannabis edible is a favorite among medical users. This is because of the high potency of this edible.

The Mota Black Chocolate Cherry Cube can be easily divided into nine 100mg pieces. This is great for patients looking for a high dose, discreet, and convenient edible option. Made with dried organic cherries this chocolate bar has a sweet sour taste from the cherries that make eating this cannabis bar perfect when you need that extra kick.

So if you are looking for that high powered edible. Then Mota Black Chocolate Cherry Cube is the perfect edible to buy.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa powder, dried organic cherries, THC distillate, whey protein powder concentrate, whole milk powder and soy lecithin.
Strength: 990mg THC
Dosage: 900mg THC per bar, 9 doses per bar, 100mg per square/dose
Helps with: Insomnia, stress, chronic pain, appetite loss, depression, anxiety and nausea


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