Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract (200-1500mg CBD)



CW Hemp: Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract (200-1500mg CBD)

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract CBD Oil is one amongst the popularly growing supplements across the globe. Hemp was used during Eastern Asian Civilization and even the Chinese used it for several reasons. People started harvesting oil and weaving cloths from the fiber of the hemp plant. Now-a-days its popularity has reached to the Western sector and more people have started recognizing natural benefits of this plant called hemp.

Charlotte’s Web is a reputed producer of hemp extracts, having been in this industry for quite a long time. This Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil is of premium quality and there is no doubt on its performance.

CBD Hemp Oil drops, aka tinctures, are a fan favorite because they taste great, and are highly effective.

What is Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Oil all about?

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract is natural oil that is derived from natural ingredients like the stalks & seeds of the hemp plant, also known as industrial hemp.

The resulting oil is a rich source of natural terpenes, omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Worth mentioning, CBD is found in abundance in Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil. CBD can be easily obtained from cannabis plants. It comes equipped with plenty of natural benefits that are 100% free from any negative side-effects.

This oil has virtually no THC, so you can use it worry free. It doesn’t cause psychotropic side-effects.

Product Sizes, Strengths & Flavors


    • CW Everyday
      • 1oz (200mg CBD) in Mint Chocolate flavor
    • CW Everyday Plus
      • 1oz (500mg CBD) in Mint Chocolate flavor
    • CW Everyday Advanced
      • 1oz (1,500mg CBD) in Mint Chocolate flavor


Is it legal?

Since this product doesn’t contain any harmful chemical, it is safe and legal in all 50 U.S. states and many other countries across the globe. This oil comes packaged in a bottle brimming with all-natural ingredients. If you really want to get the maximum benefits of CBD oil, then Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil is a must-have.

Why Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil Drops?

Lots of CBD oil products are available, but it can be difficult to find the right one for you.

This is one of the most versatile, potent CBD tinctures that starts at a capacity of 200mg and scales up to 1,500mg.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil has been cleanly manufactured maintaining high-levels of premium CBD.

How to Use CW Hemp Oil Tinctures

It is quite easy to apply. Here are our step-by-step suggestions for getting the best results:

  • The very first step for using this oil is to shake the oil bottle well. CBD tends to sink to the bottom of the bottle over time, but will quickly blend evenly throughout the bottle upon shaking.
  • Use the dropper to dispense 30-40 drops of oil in a glass or directly under your tongue. (Although CW hemp oil is decent tasting, you may choose to add tea or any beverage to this glass to better accommodate your unique taste buds).
  • Whether you chose to mix it up in a cup or apply it directly under your tongue, the goal is to get it under the tongue and hold it there for 1-2 minutes.
  • Once that time is up, swallow any remaining oil. (Tip: If you placed the drops directly under your tongue to begin with, you might try drinking tea, juice or water in this step to quickly wash away the hempy flavor.)

If you have just started using Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, you can initially begin with a small serving. Your serving size would depend upon your capacity and body’s unique needs. You may see good results with just a couple drops, but for serious wellness goals it usually becomes necessary to increase the serving size or take it more often.  Experiment with your serving sizes until you find your CBD sweet spot; the perfect amount for your body’s needs.

CBD is a natural product so it doesn’t have negative side-effects. You can use it or stop it at any point of time. If you’re new to CBD, give it a week or two of consistent usage to notice how your body responds.

Always store Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil in dry place away from heat and light. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.


The main ingredient in this supplement is premium quality hemp oil, naturally loaded with CBD.

Every 1oz bottle of this oil contains: cane sugar, medium chain triglycerides – fractionated coconut oil, organic and natural flavors, sunflower seed oil, Water.


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