Buy Hemp Seed Oil (THC-CBD)


Hemp Seed Oil (THC – CBD) ~ In addition to vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil also contains a constant level of added THC and CBD for medicinal effect.


Buy Hemp Seed Oil (THC-CBD)

Organic seed oil is a flavorful oil containing essential omega fatty acids and proteins. It has a pleasant nutty smell, deep green color, and absorbs well into the skin. Also, it makes a high quality culinary oil and marvelous  base ingredient for skin care recipes which require rejuvenating and skin-smoothing ingredients.

 The green color in hemp seed oil is a result of the chlorophyll which is naturally present in the seeds. It has a plethora of nutritional and cosmetic uses, making it a wonderful multipurpose ingredient. This oil provides the body with complete protein, nutrition, and with all the essential amino acids necessary for health and wellness. The pleasantly nutty taste of hemp seed oil makes it easy to incorporate into your culinary recipes.

Hemp seed oil is easily digestible in its raw state. It contains less than 10% saturated fats, and 70-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is an unusual level of the good oils, making this oil beneficial for culinary use. It may easily be added to salad dressings, pasta, vegetables, smoothies, soups, sauces, hummus, guacamole, pesto, or other foods after the heating/baking has been completed. In hair care products, hemp oil increases manageability and shine.

Extraction Method: Cold-pressed
Refinement Techniques:

Intended Use: Food and cosmetic use

This oil comes packaged in plastic bottles

Are hemp oil and Hemp seed oil the same?

No. At the center of the confusion is the definition of hemp oil. The term “hemp oil” often is used to refer to the CBD-rich product extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant – which is CBD oil. Hemp seeds contain protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and a mix of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, this production requires cold-pressing of the seeds to obtain the oil.

Whether hemp oil and CBD oil are the same thing is dependent on whether the oil was derived from the hemp plant or from the hemp seeds. Oil from the hemp seed is not CBD oil, but the hemp plant’s leaves and flowers are one source of CBD oil.



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