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nThere’s a decent mood elevation that makes it passable for daytime smoking. However, as I mostly use it before bed, it’s kind of become my “sleep number” strain


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Possibly a sister phenotype of Granddaddy Purple and several of the other popular Purple strains. Grape Ape strain is one of the most famous and beloved.  Its smooth and relatively clear-headed though narcotic effect distinguishes it from the often heavy-feeling Purple family. Its rock hard buds smell of sweet grape incense and turn a mottled to deep royal purple by the time it finishes flowering.

Grape Ape strain Lineage

Afghani x Skunk #1


The exact origins of this strain are unclear, but Apothecary Genetics claims it to be Afghani x Skunk #1.  There are a variety of Purple strains that share similar qualities. Yet many believe them to be different expressions of the same genetics. While others see some additional Sativa influence in the Ape that doesn’t exist in the Purple Indica varieties.


There are a couple of different phenotypes of Grape Ape in existence. It’s unclear if some are S1 versions or simply mislabeled, but some phenotypes are completely purple. And others (more commonly) are a mottled green and purple.  The entirely purple phenotype is often referred to as “True Grape Ape”. But both share a similar structure and deep orange pistil color.  Grape Ape has rather large calyxes with moderate to high trichome coverage — it’s not quite as frosty as its possible cousin GDP, but most people enjoy the flavor more.  The leaves are medium-wide and often turn from deep green to purple as flowering progresses.


Grape Ape has a sweet but still musky scent which has strong notes of grape Kool-Aid with background hints of nag champa incense.  From a distance or through a bag, it often has a skunky element to it, but the sweetness and grape qualities really come out once its broken apart.


A fairly direct translation of the aroma, the flavor is the same mix of grape sweetness and musky incense notes, offering both a fairly strong initial flavor and a lingering aftertaste.  The smoke is normally thick and can often hit the throat somewhat hard like many Purple strains.


Grape Ape starts off rather strongly, with a package of eye and facial effects which signal the start of a rather potent experience.  The early heady effects blend with a creeping body buzzing into a harmonious whole by 30-45 minutes, making Grape Ape feel like a true hybrid for the most part. As it progresses though, the more Indica side of the effects dominate and the mindstate becomes more sedate and meditative.  Muscle relaxation, light pain relief, mood elevation, anti-anxiety properties, and appetite stimulation are all parts of the Grape Ape experience, making it a favorite medical choice for patients seeking a middle-of-the-road Indica experience replete with flavor and bag appeal.


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